Not to be sniffed at

Quite often, on my trip around the desks, I see crafters who have a variety of glues. In fact sometimes, more glue that I have paint. It’s funny how we’re all wired so differently, yet practice the same sort of hobby.
I’m too impatient to use glue unless I absolutely have to. Drying time is always an issue for me. I still can’t decide if this is because it means I have to leave things to dry and therefore they aren’t finished – moving away from the desk with unfinished stuff is deeply dis-satisfying for me, or if it’s simply because it has never occurred to me to use glue. I ‘learned’ card making and stamping from a couple of masters who used tape. And I use acid free tape in my scrapbooking, so I guess I’ve just not met a reason to change.
A vignette from my work desk….my glue ‘collection’

Neet said that her friend Mary has spent years (and therefore probably $$) trying out glues and only now thinks she’s found ‘the one’. It was that remark that triggered my thoughts on glue, really. I wonder how much she uses and if it’s her adhesive of choice in any situation. At workshops, and probably at home as well, The Librarian uses photo glue for sticking even flat stuff. She says, and I really agree and think it’s very sensible, that the wet glue gives her a few seconds to straighten or jauntily angle stuff that tape doesn’t. True dat. I use wet glue for dimensional embellishments or where I think even the red tape wont be up to it. I have to think twice about using it though. Perhaps I’m clumsy.

I recognise and understand the need for glue, but because I’m a tape gal, I never thought it was that important, but in fact, even  in my small collection, each has different jobs. Obviously, the dimension gained by silicone glue is great. If you remember not to squash the damn item flat into the stuff because you aren’t used to working with it. I often opt for this instead of foam pads when I’m doing scrapbook pages. No specific reason, I think somewhere at the back of my mind I think it may last into perpetuity. Totally don’t know.

The PVA  (Aileen’s) is there because we use it as home glue as well as it being the one I can control well enough to make a clean sticking of buttons and other non porous surfaces. And because we all like peeling it off our fingers once dried. Don’t we? The little glue is a really cost effective one and for wet glue, relatively quick drying. Its by Dovecraft and was developed for quilling. Sticks paper to paper really well…but it is runny and I can make the most awful mess with it, quickly. Argh.
So that’s a reveal isn’t it? Something you didn’t know about me? Perhaps the wet glue thing is the beginning of the reason why I don’t do paints and journals and things too…I dunno. If there are any psychologists reading this, you’re welcome to tell me what I think! As for you other nutters….tapes or glue? I’m really curious to know!

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 349

This is unstaged, but those casually placed cards look very posed huh. I was showing LLJ the fruits of her giving me an old atlas. I love it and am starting to ‘think Empire’ when I need a background now!


You see the detritus of a short session, is all. Am trying to use the box of coloured scraps as often as possible. It’s crop this weekend, so  there will actually be more scraps this time next week! Argh. You can see the big scissors. Someone must have borrowed them. I don’t use them more than once in a flood for paper crafting. You can just see the upside down heart punch, the heart featured in yesterdays post. And that’s it. Not overly interesting, huh!

There’s a list of links to other peoples desks going on over at if you feel like joining in!

Well, Whaddya know….

The great Darnell has put me right, and I really thank her for that. (She only pretends at madness, methinks.)The thing is, Google are still messing with my head, if not yours! In order to comment on Blogger blogs, you will need a free Google account. Not the Google+ account that i was yammering on abot. This is better, because a Google account is a lot less invasive and dictatorish than a Google+ account. Having this Google account means that you can ‘resume’ being a follower, by using the appropriate badge.

A decoy, but hey… thanks to Kbwalker on Pinterest, this ended up nothing like hers, but something like it!

Its boring being wrong. Its also boring that Google feel the need to make everyone a ‘client’. I will continue with the wordpress blog ( – because I’ve started it. On Wednesdays, the linky  thing will appear only on this blog…or I’ll be all over the place. If it becomes difficult to even do that on Blogger, I’ll let you know! Carry on, then.

What’s On Your Workdesk? 348

So this week, I’ve been crafting and making a huge mess.

Seriously, everything is everywhere. I enjoyed it. (Every time I go outside, I right the chairs and put them out of the wind. Then it changes direction and does this again! Ack!)  I took this on Tuesday, just after lunch. It’s worse this morning; because I had book keeping to do and couldn’t face tidying up. So I pushed back and worked atop the mess. Shocking, huh.

It will look like that for most of today; there’s VAT and year end to be sorted. Gosh, how glamorous! Join in will you? Put WOYWW in your post title so we can find it easily. A photo of your desk and what you’re doing on your  blog and link here. No blatant advertising please, this isn’t meant to be a promotional spot, just join the community!

Call me cynical….

These are some of TH’s Crazy Birds. Helen stamped them for me over a year ago and I’ve just got around to using them. I didn’t think I’d ever want the stamps, but it seems that I do. And the dies. Because these are fiddly to cut out. And then, I’d quote like some of the accessory stamps too. Like the various hats, and some of the words. On that basis I could do with the dies for those too.And suddenly, thats over £100 if you can get them. There seems to be a shortage of the bird stamps, and it all starts with those. Hush my mouth for suggesting it may be deliberate. Keeps the prices up, keeps the interest up. I’m off the idea now.